Journalist Detained By CBP At LAX, Accused Of Being ‘Fake News Media’

Journalist Detained By CBP At LAX, Accused Of Being 'Fake News Media'

British journalist James C. Dyer landed at LAX and went through customs today, as many travelers do. Only he had quite a different experience than one might imagine.

Dyer tweeted that CBP detained him and accused him of being part of the “fake news media,” but that was just the beginning. They had even more questions for the guy who writes about the Star Wars franchise for Empire Magazine:

Apparently one should travel with one’s resumé:

CNN’s Stelter Demands ‘Outrage and Backlash’ for Dancing Sean Spicer

With former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer set to cut a rug on the new season of Dancing With the Stars, cue the Trump Derangement Syndrome from the liberal media. CNN media janitor Brian Stelter perfectly encapsulated the media’s over the top reaction during a Thursday afternoon appearance on Right Now with Brianna Keilar, where he called for “outrage and backlash” to the story.

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Maria Butina sidled up to CEO Patrick Byrne as part of a Russian “honeypot” scheme. Rather than admit it, Byrne went on a rant about the deep state. Now he’s out of the company he founded, resigning his position on the board and also as chief executive.

It all begins with Maria Butina and Byrne’s tendency toward paranoid right-wing behavior, as NBC reporter Ben Collins reports above.

Byrne was involved with Butina from 2015 to 2018, on and off in what is widely understood to be a Russian “honey pot” operation involving several Americans. Collins reports:

[Butina] ingratiated herself into the American right. They were trying to get into the GOP as a Russian spy basically. That is the easiest way to say this. And the way she did it was she went through the NRA and befriended this NRA hanger-on named Paul Erickson and eventually it became a full-on relationship.

In the midst of that she was apparently in this other relationship on and off with the Overstock CEO. Instead of sort of realizing this was a honeypot the Overstock CEO doubled down on this in a blog post before a New York Times article came out saying they were in this relationship and he cites what I would say is conspiracy theory gristle that’s been around the internet the past year and a half. Things about the deep state. Things about how this the Clinton investigation and all about the Mueller investigation.

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Crazy Lefties: Not Bashing Trump on Greenland Is ‘Disloyal’ to Racist, Sexist America

There was plenty to pick through on Wednesday’s Hardball, such as topics covered here about how PBS NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor implied she was upset with God Bless the USA airing at Trump rallies and the President for not pushing gun control. But there were also meltdowns from Alcindor and her fellow panelists about Trump’s feud with Denmark that included the words “disloyal,” “grenades,” and more accusations of racism and sexism.

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