Rep. Katie Porter Humiliates Census Director Over RNC Mailer

The RNC has a history of mailing out mailers that look like anything but RNC mailers. I guess that is the best way to get people to read their money grabs and propaganda paperwork. This week the Census Bureau’s director, Steven Dillingham, was brought before the House Oversight Committee to discuss myriad issues, including Census Day. But one issue that was on the forefront of Rep. Katie Porter’s mind was the fake RNC mailer that pretended to be from the Census Bureau – and what the Census Bureau plans to do about it.

In addition to discussion surrounding the Trump administration effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census (which was shot down), there is also a major concern about disinformation. Rep. Porter asked Dillingham whether he would request that the RNC stop sending out fundraising mailers that are designed to appear as though they are coming from the Census Bureau.

Porter asked: “This is not the first time that we have seen the RNC . . . try to confuse voters by sending them a mailer that imitates the census. Have you asked the RNC to cease and desist from using the term ‘2020 Census’ or “Official census’ in its mailings?”

Dillingham responded: “I would have to look and see. I’m not sure who sent that out.”

Porter responded: “I am,” and then she pointed at small print on the form indicating it was from the RNC.

Dillingham reluctantly said: “We will study this problem.”

NARRATOR: He will not study this problem.

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On HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, former NBC morning host and CBS evening anchor Katie Couric expressed amazement at Michael Bloomberg's insults against Donald Trump as a "carnival barking clown" and more. Maher began: "Let me ask everybody about this race and Michael Bloomberg. First of all, he was insulting Trump the other day." Couric's eyes widen and she grinned that toothy grin and said "Oh my God, it was so amazing, wasn't it?"

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The Deplorables Think William Barr Isn’t Partisan Enough

When Attorney General William Barr told ABC News that President Trump’s tweets are distracting him from doing his job, some observers naively saw it as a sign of a genuine rift with the president (until Trump signaled that he wasn’t upset), while others saw it as a transparently phony effort to conceal the fact that Trump and Barr are working in sync.

And then there are the people who post in right-wing comment sections, who suspect Barr isn’t enough of a hatchet man for the president. Here’s how commenters at Gateway Pundit responded to news of the Barr interview:

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