Bishop ‘Outraged’ That Trump Used The Bible And Her Church For Photo Op

Anderson Cooper spoke to Mariann Edgar Budde, the bishop of the District of Columbia, who oversees the church Trump used for his photo op yesterday.

“Bishop, thank you for being here. What are your thoughts as you saw what happened and you look at the images now of so many Americans crying out in the streets for law and order, law and order that is applied equally to all of us, regardless of color, regardless of economic status?” he asked.

“Let me be clear. The president just used a Bible and the sacred text of the Judeo-Christian,” she said.

“One of the churches of my diocese without permission as a backdrop for a message antithetical to the teachings of Jesus and everything our churches stand for. And to do so, as you just said, he sanctioned the use of tear gas by police officers in riot gear to clear the church yard.

“I am outraged. The president did not pray when he came to Saint John’s. Nor, as you just articulated, did he acknowledge the agony of our country right now, and in particular, that of the people of color in our nation who wonder if anyone ever — anyone in public power will ever acknowledge their sacred worth, and who are rightfully demanding an end to 400 years of systemic racism and white supremacy in our country.

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‘When The Country Needed Leadership, Trump Turned Off The Lights’

As massive protests over the police killing of George Floyd raged outside of the White House, across the nation’s capital, and around the United States on Sunday, the external floodlights that typically keep the White House illuminated at night were shut off as President Donald Trump remained out of sight and silent—with the exception of occasional incendiary outbursts on Twitter.

It is not clear why the White House lights were cut, but critics viewed the move as symbolic of the country’s lack of leadership during a time of nationwide sorrow, anger, and crisis. Trump has yet to deliver a formal address to the nation on either Floyd’s killing or the nationwide uprising it sparked, opting instead to attack demonstrators on Twitter and celebrate the brutal response by law enforcement.

“Mr. Trump spent Sunday out of sight, even as some of his campaign advisers were recommending that he deliver a nationally televised address,” the New York Times reported. “The building was even emptier than usual as some White House officials planning to work were told not to come in case of renewed unrest.”

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KC Police Pepper Spray Black Man And Slam Him To The Ground After He Shames Them For Brutality

Video captured on Sunday seems to show police attacking a black protester after he criticized their ability to keep people safe.

The video was posted on Twitter early Monday morning.

“What @kcpolice did today was UNFORGIVABLE and UNFORGETTABLE,” the caption reads.

In the video, a man who is black tells the police that they “overreact in the moment.”

“If you ain’t got the balls to protect the streets like you were paid to do, turn in your damn badge,” the protester can be heard shouting at a line of riot police.

“Prematurely shooting people, prematurely using excessive force, get your scary ass on somewhere,” the protester continues. At that point, no less than seven police in riot gear approach the protester, who is several yards away.

Video shows one officer grabbing the man with one hand while blasting him in the face with a can of pepper spray.

“What the f*ck!” another protester yells.

Officers quickly form a circle around the man and pull him away from the crowd.

As demonstrators throw water bottles at the police, they fire back with streams of pepper spray.

The man who was apprehended can be seen face down on the pavement. A swarm of officers loom over him.

“He has has a First Amendment right!” one activist shouts.

The Kansas City Star later reported that there were no arrests at the protest, but one demonstrator was “led away” by police.

Video courtesy of Twitter user @weslyinfinity

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Hannity Eggs On Our Arsonist-In-Chief By Pushing For De Facto Martial Law

As we discussed here yesterday, Trump was more than willing to allow peaceful protesters to be hit with tear-gas, beaten, and shot with rubber bullets, just so he could have his photo op in front of a church across from the White House.

Fox’s Sean Hannity did his best to aid and abet Trump and his dream of being a dictator during the opening of his show this Monday, when he urged Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act if rioting continues in cities across the country, and use “Tear gas, mace if necessary, rubber bullets” if governors and mayors don’t get the protests under control soon.

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Trump Ordered Protesters Tear-Gassed And Beaten So He Could Stand In Front Of A Church

Welcome to Dictatorship Unplugged.

Tonight we bring you Trump claiming to be a friend to peaceful protesters minutes after he had the streets cleared with mounted policemen and militia, and no warning. He swore he loves the peaceful protesters, while inviting those who don’t to make sure to exercise their Second Amendment rights. He threatened Governors that if they didn’t impose military rule, he would. That part’s illegal, don’tchyaknow…the Insurrection Act requires Governors to ask the president for National Guard military help before he can deploy them.

But as the great Elie Mystal wondered:

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The Peaceful Protest Of Over 4,000 Cars You Didn’t See On Cable TV

The Only Thing That Got Overheated at the Springfield Black Lives Matter Procession Yesterday…

…was this squad car at the corner of Monroe and Ninth.

Everything else went spectacularly well.  In fact the only real “problem” with the procession was that so many more people showed up than the organizers anticipated.  And by more, I mean an order of magnitude more.

Thousands of cars carrying thousands of people.  What fine great problem to have!

I was just a volunteer who worked parking before and after and carried donuts in between so I don’t have a comprehensive overview, but you knew it was going to be much bigger than anyone was expecting when parking in the staging lot started off plentiful —

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Trump Calls For Police State To Advance His Fascist Agenda

Audio of Donald Trump’s phone call with governors has gotten out, and it’s a master class in fascism begetting more fascism. As John King and Kaitlan Collins discussed, he “lashed out” at the governors, calling them weak, and saying their inaction was making them the “laughing stock of the world.” The solution? Cracking down even harder on the protesters, of course.

It’s hard to know what’s more disturbing about this: the projection, which is the GOP’s political reflex when faced with absolutely everything repulsive about themselves; the fact that he is calling for MORE police and National Guard violence against protesters, who are out there peacefully protesting police violence; the possibility that Trump doesn’t even seem to realize that the police and National Guard have indeed already been responding with a great deal of brutality and violence; or the possibility that he realizes that and wants EVEN MORE of it. But hey! This is America! Why do we have to choose? We can have all of these nightmare scenarios at once.

Here are some of the Diaper Dictator’s words, followed by a dose of reality:

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Fox Hosts Stoke Vigilantism Against Antifa: ‘Get Some Zip Ties And Subdue Them’

Fox “news” has gotten their marching orders from Dear Leader to hammer home that it’s Antifa(scists), rather than white supremacist groups that are inciting all of the violence at the protests erupting around the country, and now they’re encouraging their viewers to take the law into their own hands.

During this Monday’s Outnumbered, the crew started things off by showing an edited clip of Minnesota Attorney Keith Ellison’s interview the previous day on Fox News Sunday, conveniently omitting Chris Wallace’s question to him, where he specifically mentioned white supremacists being present at the protests we’ve seen in Minneapolis and across the country over the last few days:

WALLACE: Mr. Attorney General over the last five days we’ve seen rioters in Minneapolis burn down a police station, force the National Guard to retreat, and loot neighborhoods.

On Saturday, here’s what Attorney General Barr had to say.


WILLIAM BARR, UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL: Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda.


WALLACE: Do you have evidence that people from outside Minnesota, whether it’s far left extremists or white supremacists, that outsiders are hijacking these riots in Minneapolis?

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Trump Flees To Bunker As Protests Over George Floyd Raged Outside White House

During a time of national crises, we have this faux president hiding underground in his bunker, lest some crazed protester breaches the White House grounds.

Source: The Guardian

As protests sparked by the death of George Floyd raged outside the White House on Friday night, Donald Trump was taken into a special secure bunker.

Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on Monday, has sparked unrest and protests in dozens of cities across the US, including Washington DC. Demonstrators have gathered outside the White House since Friday night, with clashes erupting intermittently outside the very perimeter of the White House.

As protesters converged on the White House on Friday, the New York Times reports, “Secret Service agents abruptly rushed the president to the underground bunker used in the past during terrorist attacks.”

Hardened to withstand the force of a passenger jet crashing into the White House, the bunker is the same one that sheltered vice president Dick Cheney during the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. “The president and his family were rattled by their experience on Friday night, according to several advisers,” the Times report said.

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