Joe Biden Outlines Racial Equity Initiatives And Signs Executive Orders

Pres. Joe Biden is walking the walk, wasting no time in doing what he can to erase the atrocious and toxic racist policies of the Trump administration with executive orders of his own. According to NBC News,

The executive actions will direct the Department of Housing and Urban Development to “take steps necessary to redress racially discriminatory federal housing policies that have contributed to wealth inequality for generations,” according to a fact sheet shared by the White House.

The executive actions will also end the Justice Department’s use of private prisons, recommit the federal government to Tribal sovereignty and will take steps to combat discrimination against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders that has intensified during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Tucker Carlson Defends QAnon

Monday night, Tucker Carlson went on a rant about how the Democratic Party is trying to “control your thinking” because they are denouncing the insane QAnon conspiracies, and nobody is stopping them.

The Fox News host played a series of clips from other cable networks discussing the disaster caused by these conspiracy theory nuts. Trump used QAnon crazies to promote his failed presidency and his crazy voter fraud lies. As long as the QAnons were defending him, Trump was happy to give constant retweets of their preposterous ideas.

Carlson focused on a Tom Friedman quote when he said that QAnon conspiracy theorists were “frightening.”

Tucker agreed, “And he’s right. but not, as usual, as he thinks.”

Tucker claims that society is profoundly “changing right before our eyes” and the proof is in the denouncing of a batsh*t crazy Republican conspiracy theory movement.

“The threat is from an idea. It’s called Qanon,” Carlson said.

Tucker tells his rubes that if he doesn’t defend QAnon, then tyranny will prevail over our democracy.

The Fox News host claimed no one is pushing back against this type of censorship, except him, the leader of the free-thinking thought patrol.

“Almost every one of them joined the mob of sensors, hysterics, and Jacobin destroyers all working on behalf of entrenched power to take total control of everything,” Carlson raved.

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Facing $1.3B Lawsuit, Guiliani Doubles Down On Dominion Lies

That whole “a person who serves as his own lawyer has a fool for a client” thing…

If Rudy had an actual lawyer representing him, that lawyer might advise him to SHUT UP about Dominion voting machines.

Because, like, they’re suing you for $1.3 billion dollars, Rudy. And they can hear you on the radio!

Media Matters clipped it!

From the January 25, 2021 edition of WABC’s Chat with the Mayor

RUDY GIULIANI (HOST): I haven’t been hiding anything. You’re the ones who have been hiding the machines. You won’t show anybody a single machine. I’ve already gotten to see 22, and they look real bad, the 22 that we’ve seen. I’m dying to see the rest so come on, come on guys, you gave us what we’ve been looking for for a long time, and I don’t know how many people you’ve sued and I know why you’re doing it. $1.3 billion — like really, $1.3 billion?

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Nikki Haley Pleads For Trump: ‘Give The Man A Break!’

These are strange times when far-right blogs like Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air make the case against one of their own as standing for nothing now but her own personal ambition (see also Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, etc). Allahpundit writes sarcastically after Haley’s stupefying Fox News appearance, “Another spectacular victory by Trump and MAGA. I’m genuinely impressed.”


My own minor quibble though would be that these servile toadies for Trump have never stood for anything but their personal ambitions, and based their fortunes on wherever the political winds blow them. The rest is bang on though.

Source: Allahpundit/Hot Air

Which brings us to this creature, the nominal establishment favorite for the GOP nomination in 2024. If anyone should be expected to take a firm moral stance against a two-month coup attempt punctuated by an attack on Congress, you’d expect the great centrist hope to do it. All she has to say for herself here, though, is that Trump’s behavior was “not great” and that we should “give the man a break” regardless, which has to be the single lamest soundbite about uttered by any politician since January 6. At least Senate Republicans have farted out some BS jurisdictional excuse to justify voting against conviction. Haley’s actually going so far as to make Trump the victim in all this.

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Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Only Delayed Due To Trump’s Racism

Being obviously racist came so easy to the Trump administration.

President Obama put Harriet Tubman on the twenty-dollar bill.

Trump stopped it, helped by a feckless Steve Mnuchin:

[clmediameta nid=149943]

As George Cassidy Payne wrote in 2019:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has announced that he is focused solely on the security features of the currency revamp and that what the currency would look like would be left for a successor. In his words, “It is not a decision that is likely to come until way past my term.” By that, he meant 2026 or even as late as 2028.

I am not surprised that Trump is ordering Mnuchin to postpone the new design until he is out of office. Not only is Trump an avid fan of Andrew Jackson, but he has also shown on numerous occasions that he knows close to nothing about African American history (remember his embarrassing remarks about Frederick Douglass?).

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Sean Spicer Doesn’t Even Last A Scaramucci As WH Reporter

[Above, from May, 2017, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is booed by correspondents after he cuts off a reporter. So that happened.]

Sean Spicer can’t cut a break.

Newsmax, where he “works” now, thought they might put him in a seat among White House Correspondents.

They didn’t do enough vetting on that, apparently.

And it’s not personal, Sean. As Andrew Feinberg points out, Sean Spicer is not only a “host” on a Newsmax “program,” he’s also a LOBBYIST. And there are rules that prevent LOBBYISTS from being White House Correspondents, duh.

My Pillow Guy Banned From Twitter, May Run For Office

Axios breathlessly tells/warn us that the 2022 Pie Fight might be glorious (emphasis mine):

Mike Lindell moves the goalposts on a run for Minnesota governor

The will-he-or-won’t-he speculation surrounding a possible gubernatorial run by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is destined to continue at least a bit longer.

What he’s saying: Lindell told Axios that his focus is currently on proving his (baseless) claims of election fraud. He won’t make a decision until that fight is resolved.

  • “Why would anybody want to run if they had the same machines with the election fraud?” Lindell said Friday.
  • “It will all get out there, and when it does, we’ll see what elections are going to have to be done with paper ballots and no machines. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense to put in everybody’s resources and time.”

Expect the lawsuit from Dominion any moment, Mike.

Jeebus, what a dope.

Republished with permission from Mock Paper Scissors.

Update (Frances Langum): And now he’s banned from Twitter for spreading election disinformation.

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Sedition Rioter Busted By His Ankle Monitor

Besides seeing the MAGA sedition rioters being brought to justice, I get a kick out of just how stupid some of these gutter rats are.

Among the most stupid of them is Bryan Becantur, of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Becantur is a self-proclaimed white supremacist who has a history of discussing wanting to commit horrible homicidal acts such as school shootings, church shootings and running over people with a car.

He got busted as being a rioter because he was wearing an ankle monitor while on probation for a burglary conviction. The GPS in the monitor showed him to be at the Capitol during the riot.

And it seems to have been a long thought out scheme that got him permission to be in Washington, D.C.:

According to the affidavit, Betancur was able to get permission to leave his home state of Maryland to travel to Washington D.C. while on probation in order to distribute bibles with an organization called Gideon International. Betancur has previously been able to travel to the capital with the group.

Betancur is also said to have violated his probation by continuing to “engage racially motivated violent extremist groups” on the internet.

That should get Becantur a few years added to whatever he gets for being a rioter in the first place.

Told you he wasn’t too smart.

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Biden Order To Open Obamacare Marketplaces To Millions Who Lost Health Coverage

In good news for American families, President Biden will sign an executive order this week to reopen the Obamacare marketplaces for millions who lost health coverage in the pandemic, and to lower recent barriers to joining Medicaid. Via the Washington Post:

The orders will be Biden’s first steps since taking office to help Americans gain health insurance, a prominent campaign goal that has assumed escalating significance as the pandemic has dramatized the need for affordable health care — and deprived millions of Americans coverage as they have lost jobs in the economic fallout.

Under one order,, the online insurance marketplace for Americans who cannot get affordable coverage through their jobs, will swiftly reopen for at least a few months, according to several individuals inside and outside the administration familiar with the plans. Ordinarily, signing up for such coverage is tightly restricted outside a six-week period late each year.

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Mitch McConnell Finally Caves On Organizing Resolution Standoff

While Chuck Schumer was being interviewed last night by Rachel Maddow, Mitch McConnell finally caved on the organizing resolution. (The organizing resolution is an agreement on how to share power in a closely divided Senate, and is necessary to even make committee appointments. McConnell wouldn’t agree to the resolution unless Schumer agreed potential filibuster change was off the table.)

Republicans don’t frame it that way, of course. McConnell claims that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema stating their opposition to getting rid of the filibuster (the same position they’ve always taken) was some kind of major commitment that allowed him to back off.

In a statement from McConnell, he said, “With these assurances, I look forward to moving ahead with a power-sharing agreement modeled on that precedent.”

Let’s be clear: McConnell thought he could bully the Dems into folding. He couldn’t. This wasn’t a win for their side, it was a win for Democrats. While Manchin and Sinema refuse to get rid of the filibuster, that doesn’t mean they won’t vote to suspend it in certain legislative fights.

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