Here’s What An Expert In Nonverbal Communication Saw In The Trump-Biden Debate

Candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump at the final presidential debate.…″>AP/Julio Cortez

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Lou Dobbs: ‘I Don’t Know Why Anyone In The Great State Of South Carolina Would Ever Vote For Lindsey Graham’

This is pretty rich stuff, almost comedy, really. Lindsey Graham, along with Ted Cruz, the brownnoser par excellence of the GOP who has bent over backwards in support of Trump after once calling him “a race-baiting bigot” who would destroy the Republican Party.

Source: Mediaite

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs raged against Senator Lindsey Graham Friday and asked why anyone in South Carolina would vote for him.

Graham is, of course, up for reelection in less than two weeks, running against Jaime Harrison in a race that has gotten tons of national attention and led to Graham making multiple fundraising pleas on Fox News saying he’s being out-raised by his opponent.

Dobbs blasted Graham Friday because he’s “not subpoenaing the left-wing heads of the censorships Twitter and Facebook until after the election.”


“I don’t know why anyone in the great state of South Carolina would ever vote for Lindsey Graham. It’s just outrageous. This is the guy who keeps saying, ‘Stay tuned.’ He said he would get to the bottom of Obamagate with the judiciary committee, which has been a year and a half, actually longer, of absolute inert response to these pressing issues of our day.”

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Republican John James Totally Bombs Health Care Questions During Live Interview

Unable to agree upon terms for a debate, U.S. Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan and Republican challenger John James agreed to go on Local 4 WDIV and be separately interviewed by WDIV’s Devin Scillian about their positions and policies. Both men were given about 20 minutes of interview time and both were asked the same set of questions. The first question they were asked, and also one of the top issues for voters this election cycle, was about health care, and their ideas about what to do regarding rising insurance and drug costs.

Republican James went first and tried to do the impossible: pretend that both he and the Republican Party had a plan while also saying we need to get rid of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This meant that he had to say he was for protecting preexisting conditions while arguing that we should get rid of the law that protects … preexisting conditions. Republicans have taken various tacts in trying to both appeal to the Republican Party while also pretending not to have anything to do with … the Republican Party’s policies and actions and president. Watching James fumble the ACA question is truly something to watch.

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Javanka Threatens To Sue Never-Trumpers Group Over Times Square Ads

Citing the fantasy that exists in her mind only that once Daddy is re-elected, he will singlehandedly tear up all those pesky Constitutional amendments (hey! kidding!) Ivanka Trump and her perpetually pre-pubescent hubby, Jared threatened to sue The Lincoln Project for ads that paint them exactly as they are — complicit in the deaths of nearly quarter of a million Americans from COVID-19. The ads are placed prominently in Times Square. One quotes Kushner’s statement that New Yorkers deserve to suffer, and the other has Ivanka smiling vapidly while gesturing to the gruesome death statistics from the pandemic.

Raw Story reported that the couple’s attorney, Marc Kasowitz wrote a letter stating the ads are false and defamatory, and, “If these billboards are not immediately removed, we will sue you for what will doubtless be enormous compensatory and punitive damages.”

Joe Biden Finds Trump’s COVID-19 Plan!

Joe Biden has excellent news! He has managed to locate the White House’s super secret, totally awesome, incredibly strong, very tough, hugely smart and amazing COVID Healthcare Trump White House Plan to combat the Chinese Virus that was totally not Donald Trump’s fault because the Dear Leader did an amazing job saving 15,000,000 lives through his strong and brilliant leadership that no one else could have matched.

And guys, it is a great plan.

Please visit for all the details!

You will be surprised, impressed and shocked by the stunning detail contained on the website. It is the most comprehensive plan Donald Trump has put out in almost four years. I know I was completely blown away.

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Health Experts Warn Of Dire Shortages In Treating COVID

The record-breaking number of COVID-19 cases, and their expanse, have public health officials very, very worried that the worst is yet to come.

Despite Donald Trump’s claim that the coronavirus pandemic is “going away,” the opposite is true. Not only that, this spike in cases looks to be more dangerous than ever before. The Washington Post explains why:

The last time the country hit a new daily record for coronavirus cases — 76,533 on July 17 — just four states accounted for more than 40,000 of those cases: Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.

On Thursday, the daily number of cases reached 73,686. But this time, it’s 14 states accounting for that same lion’s share of cases. And 22 states have broken their records for single-day highs of cases in the past two weeks.

“One key way we got through previous waves was by moving health-care workers around. That’s just not possible when the virus is surging everywhere,” said Eleanor J. Murray, an epidemiologist at Boston University.

Hospitals across the country are already approaching capacity, The Post reports, and this is before people gather indoors for the holidays during colder, dryer weather that helps the virus stay active longer.

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Desperate Americans Beg For Handouts On Venmo And Cash App

Jenna Drenten, Loyola University Chicago

A college student pleading for grocery money. A driver in need of an unexpected car repair. A worker out of a job because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A single mom who needs to pay the internet bill to support her kids’ distance learning.

In all of these cases, people turned to Twitter to ask for financial support during the pandemic. Not thousands of dollars. Just a few bucks. Whatever online followers could spare.

As a consumer sociologist, I study digital culture and social media. I’ve noticed an uptick in these requests on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram, which are made possible by the growing popularity of peer-to-peer payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and Zelle.

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Someone Owes Kristin Welker An Apology

Kristin Welker “broke the space-time continuum” (per Rachel Maddow) by getting Trump to talk about actual issues. It won’t matter, but the Fox News/Don Jr. attacks on her pre-debate should be withdrawn and apologies made.

Donald Trump Jr, aided and abetted by Fox News, worked the refs by attacking Welker pre-debate.

Fox even attacked the political donations of Welker’s PARENTS.

Jake Tapper Warns Us: Trump Will Be Slinging Mud Hard For The Next 12 Days

Don’t say you weren’t warned. The next week and a half promises to be Trump delivering nothing but SLIME.

JAKE TAPPER: Can I just say one other thing about the Gates/Breitbart nonsense, Trump’s little code words that make Hannity’s pins shine at specific moments when he utters them. The president even though he leaned into it a little bit but he didn’t really go full bore. Which was wise. Or at least not stupid. He’s is running the single most negative sleazy campaign in American history for a major party candidate. Now, it used to be that people would be negative — that says something.

It used to be people would be negative and you could always say, well, don’t forget the campaign against Dukakis or historians like Beschloss would come on, say they had pamphlets that accused one of being — the Trump ally websites and such are leveling with charges so heinous I’m not going to say them, nonsense, crap, tied into Qanon, Pizzagate, tied into a person, with no evidence, just completely made up. It’s so disgusting and so beneath what this election should be, and I just want viewers at home to be ready because all of their grandparents’ Facebook feeds and all of the Twittersphere, it’s going to be so heinous over the next 11 days. People should be prepared for it. The president leaned into some of it, generally to some of the sleazier baseless allegations, not the worst, but it’s going to get a lot worse.

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