With Tones Of Obama, Joe Biden Drops The Hammer On Trump

Joe Biden sounded some similar tones to Obama in 2008 as he talked about how Trump has trashed the economy and discussed rebuilding the middle-class.

Former Vice President Biden said:

He promised to work with Congress to pass a bill to limit offshoring of jobs. He promised to create $1 trillion worth of new infrastructure jobs. He promised to expand child care support.

He said it would all happen before May 2017. It’s now May 2020, and not one of these promises has materialized.

Watch Biden’s full address:

Joe Biden sounded like his former boss when he said, “It starts with rebuilding the backbone of this country: a stronger, more inclusive, more resilient middle class – a middle class that can withstand the next public health crisis or whatever else comes our way. It’s time we make sure everyone gets a fair shot at success, not just the Mar-a-Lago crowd.”

The middle-class has been abandoned under Donald Trump, a president who has exalted the rich demonized the poor and doesn’t see the middle.

In 2008, Barack Obama made an ideological argument for delivering change to America as the Great Recession was unfolding. In 2020, Joe Biden is speaking directly to the 99%, and arguing that the path to ending the Trump Depression goes through America that Donald Trump doesn’t even see.

The message worked in 2008 and 2012, and it has the ability to do the same in 2020.

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