C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With The Replacements

The last few days were a bit discombobulated for yours truly. My darling partner in crime and best friend had a major asthma attack which was amplified by a very aggressive and possibly life threatening virus and it led to a four day hospital stay.

Though we have insurance (which is spendy and not all that great but still insurance none the less), her first concern was the bill that will rack up and the loss of pay for days missed at work. If it wasn’t bad enough that a person has to worry about their health, it is also heartbreaking that the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind in this country in the case of a medical emergency is how they’re gonna pay for it.

She is doing much better though and her sense of humor is always sharp. As a matter of fact, the morning following her first night stay, she said to me “I keep finding myself wanting to hum along to that one Replacements song.”

Tonight, “that one” song is what we’re gonna listen to.

Sure, this emergency (and the bills and days missed paid from work in a low wage town for both of us) is a setback for the savings plan we have in action so we can move to a different city in the new year. We will struggle through it though and we will persevere. We’re too stubborn and cool not to. Normally, I usually just reserve mentioning the following on my rock-n-roll podcasts and not here on C&L, but I do have a “tip jar”, and every little bit helps in my plan of getting ahead.

What are you listening to tonight?

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