Latest election attempt fails – but PM tables fresh bill

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Boris Johnson’s latest attempt to trigger an early general election has failed, as the motion was 135 votes short of the threshold required to pass – but the Prime Minister has confirmed that he will table a new bill for a December 12th election.

Arguing that the public will find Labour’s refusal to vote for a snap poll “bewildering”, Johnson told MPs in the chamber that he would try to legislate for an early election through a bill that will be debated tomorrow.

The bill will only need a simple majority to pass, rather than a two-thirds majority as the motion today would have needed for approval under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act.

The Lib Dems and the SNP, which jointly put forward the plan for a one-line bill over the weekend, could back the government bill on Tuesday. This support would ensure it gained a majority, and a December election would then take place.

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