Kamala Harris Tells Trump That He Puts The ‘Criminal’ In Criminal Justice System

California Sen. Kamala Harris ripped Donald Trump on Saturday after he kicked off his day by attacking her on Twitter.

Trump apparently wasn’t happy that the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate refused to attend the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum after it was revealed that he would be receiving an award at the event.

“Once I heard Trump got an award at the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum and stopped HBCU students from attending, I decided to do my own criminal justice reform event tomorrow instead,” Harris said.

She added, “I won’t be complicit in papering over his record.”

The thin-skinned former game show host took the bait immediately and blasted Harris on Twitter Saturday, calling her a “badly failing presidential candidate” and taking credit for reforming the criminal justice system.

Harris responded to Trump’s bizarre Twitter rant by reminding him that she has “fought for justice and for the people” throughout her career, “something you’d know nothing about.”

“The only part of criminal justice you can claim credit for is the ‘criminal’ part,” Harris said.

Meanwhile, Trump’s crimes continue to be exposed

It’s ironic to hear this president of the United States brag about reforming the criminal justice system in the midst of an impeachment inquiry that continues to expose his own crimes.

While Trump and Republicans attack the process, more credible witnesses – many of them coming from inside the administration – are confirming that, yes, this president did shakedown a foreign government for election help.

The increasingly damning impeachment probe is happening against the backdrop of Trump using the Department of Justice to do his own political bidding.

As I noted earlier this week,  the DOJ has now opened a criminal investigation to essentially prove that the Obama administration, not Russia, was behind the 2016 attack and subsequent investigation.

Time and again, Donald Trump has shown that there is no part of the U.S. Constitution he isn’t willing to trample over in order to save his own skin.

If he truly wants to score a victory for the rule of law in the United States of America, he should resign the presidency and end this national nightmare.

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