Homophobic RWNJ Headlines GOP Fundraiser, Attacking Pete Buttigieg

Where the hell does the GOP dig these guys up? Or is it more like flies being drawn to sh*t?

Apparently there is this extremely insecure fellow named Dave Daubenmire, whose masculinity is so fragile that another person’s sexual identity threatens not only his own sense of manhood, but his entire worldview. And unfortunately for the rest of us, he feels the need to broadcast this drek from laundry rooms with his face extremely close to the camera. I felt myself doing the Matrix lean back just in the first few seconds.

Anywho, he headlined a GOP fundraiser in Ohio this week, and took the opportunity to completely bash Mayor Pete Buttigiege for being gay. That wasn’t enough for him, though. He needed to take to his videocast, or whatever, the next morning from the hotel’s laundry room, to call Buttigieg names and decry homosexuality as a danger to the WORLD and also declare proudly that he is a homophobe.

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