Impeachment Has Broken Trump As He Can Only Repeat Perfect Call

Trump sounded broken as he addressed reporters outside of the White House as all he could do was repeat perfect call and no pressure.

Trump said:

Let me tell you something. The level of unfairness for a perfect conversation with the president of Ukraine, this was a perfect conversation, and frankly, had they known what the conversation was, they wouldn’t have even wasted everybody’s time. But this was a perfect conversation with the president of Ukraine. President of Ukraine and his foreign ministers separately came out and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the conversation. President of Ukraine and the foreign minister came out and said there was no anything.

There was no — he used the word no blackmail. They said there was no pressure. There was nothing done wrong. This is a hoax just like there was no collusion after two years they found out and wasted $45 million. This is a disgrace that this could happen in our country. But remember — wait. Wait. The president of Ukraine right now, the president of Ukraine said no pressure. The president of Ukraine and his foreign minister said, again, no pressure, no blackmail. They don’t even know what you people are talking about. It’s a — it’s a hoax. It’s a hoax. It’s just a continuation of the Russian witch hunt which turned out to be phony, the Mueller deal was phony, and now they have this. And all it is is very simple. It’s one conversation that I had with the president of Ukraine that was perfect, that Adam Schiff defrauded everybody and he made up the conversation in the halls of congress.


On three other occasions, Trump went back to ranting about his perfect call with Ukraine. Impeachment has broken Donald Trump. The president is ranting and raving his same two or three false points in the hope that if he just keeps saying them enough, impeachment will go away and he will be popular. The evidence is too strong. Trump’s usual denials aren’t cutting it. Impeachment has broken Donald Trump and the White House and Republican Party have no idea how to put him back together again.

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