Labour MP: turkeys don’t vote for a Christmas election

Boris Johnson has announced that MPs in the House of Commons will vote next week on holding an election on 12 December, in an attempt to break the Brexit impasse. And as expected, plenty of Labour MPs are already lining up to think of reasons to avoid being accountable to the electorate.

Mr S wonders though if Labour HQ will be less than pleased with one MP’s excuse for avoiding an election this Christmas. Speaking to Sky News in the Palace of Westminster, the veteran MP Barry Sheerman was asked whether his party should back an election next week, and what Jeremy Corbyn will recommend to his party. But in his reply the MP rather underplayed his own party’s chances of winning, when he noted that:

‘I think Jim Callaghan used to say, “Turkeys don’t vote Christmas”.

Perhaps realising that saying Labour are a turkey destined for the oven wasn’t the best stance to take ahead of a potential election, Sheerman hurriedly clarified that:

‘Well, I think we aren’t Turkeys, but we are sensible. We know that you don’t run to an election when you don’t have to. Why do we want to ruin everyone’s Christmas?’

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