Even Fox News Tells Trump That Schiff Is Following Impeachment Rules

Fox News’s Judge Andrew Napolitano explained that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is following the hearing rules enacted by Republicans.

Napolitano said, “As frustrating as it may be to have these hearings going on behind closed doors, the hearings over which Congressman Schiff is presiding, they are consistent with the rules…They can’t change the rules. They follow the rules. When were the rules written last? January 2015, and who signed them? John Boehner. And who enacted them? A Republican majority. The rules say that this initial level of inquiry can be in secret.”


Republicans wrote and signed the rules that Chairman Schiff is operating under. Democrats aren’t writing new rules. They aren’t making them up as they go along. Adam Schiff and House Democrats are following the rules that Republicans themselves wrote and enacted before Donald Trump came into office.

Even Fox News is destroying Trump and the GOP’s claims that Schiff is running secret impeachment hearings. Trump is guilty. The evidence is overwhelming. Political grandstanding is not working, and even their criticisms about the process are falling apart.

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