Australia’s rising racehorse hypocrisy

The confused outrage over mistreatment of horses reveals more concerning things about our cultural psyche than we may want to admit.

(Image: AAP/Vince Caligiuri)

Before she married Norm Everage, our Dame Edna was a Thornbury lass — Miss Edna Beazley. There’s something about Thornbury that makes it the essence of what Melbourne is at any particular time; from proud working-class suburb, to ’80s flyblown Forlornbury at the edge of inner-city living, to the Welcome to Thornbury hipster Hades it has become.

Part of that mix is the Thornbury Picture House, a mini-cinema running a full program in a place which, until two years ago, was an old theatre that had most recently been a curio shop. It’s a fantastic initiative but, heh, it’s not appearing here for that. It’s getting a mention because it cancelled a season of Ride Like A Girl, the Michelle Payne biopic — which I haven’t seen, but which I’m sure is not at all like an ’80s tax-loss miniseries (“Calves of Brass, the Herb Elliott story” [US title: “Herbie Goes To Helsinki”]).

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