Trump Claims That He Doesn’t Know His Own Ukraine Ambassador, Bill Taylor

Trump is now claiming that he doesn’t know his own acting ambassador to Ukraine, who delivered devastating impeachment testimony against him.

Trump tweeted:

For the millionth time, every single Republican who is on one of the three committees conducting the impeachment investigation is not only allowed in the room, but they are also given equal time and can ask questions of the witnesses.

Trump has taken his game of pretend I don’t know you to a whole new level. It is Trump who appointed Taylor as the acting ambassador to Ukraine. Trump is claiming not to know a guy who he appointed to a post in his own administration.

Donald Trump knows Taylor. He intentionally cut him out of the process so that he could run a shadow foreign policy in Ukraine. Trump has been on an afternoon rant against anti-Trump Republicans, but he knows Bill Taylor, as his own ambassador, turned over the evidence of Trump’s Ukraine quid pro quo.

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