Michael Moore Allegedly Kicked Out of Zuckerberg Hearing

The celebrity propaganda machine has turned against Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Documentary director and activist Michael Moore claims he was sneaked in to the House Financial Services Committee hearing, where Zuckerberg was testifying. Staff members and unnamed congressmen/women allegedly brought him to the hearing, but, in his own words, “as you can see, I’ve been removed.” On Facebook Live, he explained his position on Facebook and government regulation. The “lie machine” must be regulated, stated Moore.

He noted the irony of expressing this opinion while on Facebook. “We’re on the Zuckerberg invention, on Facebook Live,” he said. “Facebook, it’s a great invention.” But not good enough.

“Sadly, what happened three years ago, we realized it’s also a bad thing,” Moore continued. “Facebook can either be a means for all of us to communicate and share, or it can be a lie machine, something that puts out lies posed as the truth, propaganda that is, coming from elsewhere, to convince you to think a different way.”

Moore wanted to get Facebook regulated, and he laid out an argument for it: “We need our representatives, the people we elect to oversee how things are done, the things that affect us. If you don’t have somebody watching Boeing building these planes, well you know what you get, right? So there’s been less oversight, less regulation, big government bad. Big government’s, one of their jobs is to make sure the plane is being built so that you don’t crash.”

He also said, “After this election, we must eliminate the electoral college. We all have to be committed to that, and we need to show our Republican friends that the electoral college is going to come back to bite them some day. And they’re not going to like it. It’s better just to get rid of it now, and just, whoever gets the most votes wins and that’s the way it goes.”

Moore has been in the news, along with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), for endorsing Democratic presidential primary candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

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