Green youth wing sets conditions for ‘Remain Alliance’

They want ambitious climate targets and voting reform, among other conditions.

The executive committee of the Green Party of England and Wales youth wing has released a statement on the possibility of a ‘Remain Alliance’.

The Young Greens 12-person committee say they would only enter into an alliance with parties who meet certain conditions.

The Green Party of England and Wales is currently asking its members for their views on a potential electoral alliance.

The Young Greens statement carries no official weight but may influence members.

In their statement, they said they do not want the Greens to stand down anywhere without getting something in return.

They said they would only ally with parties who commit to:

  • Oppose Brexit, and legislate for a second referendum on any form of Brexit – deal or no deal.
  • Concrete political reform, including at the very least the implementation of a proportional voting system, the abolition of the House of Lords as an unelected second chamber, and votes at 16. 
  • Meaningful action on climate change, ensuring we meet net-zero emissions by 2030 and initiate a just transition from a fossil fuelled economy.
  • Ending austerity, and investing properly in the welfare state and public services.
  • Reversing the privatisation of public services – including the NHS, public transport and utilities.
  • Ending the hostile environment for migrants and repealing anti migrant legislation.
  • Voting against the formation of a new Conservative government and giving neither confidence nor supply to any Conservative government that is formed.

No major party currently meets all these policy conditions.

The Labour Party has never before campaigned for a proportional voting system.

None of the major parties are currently commited to reaching net zero, the point where the country emits less greenhouse gases than it puts out by 2030.

Like the government, the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats aim to reach net zero by 2050.

However, Momentum are pressuring Labour to make this 2030 and the Liberal Democrats are considering making their target more ambitious.

Liberal Democrat leadership contender Jo Swinson has also not ruled out entering a coalition or confidence and supply arrangement with the Conservatives – although she suggested that was unlikely.

Unlike the Greens and Labour, the Liberal Democrats are not currently comitted to nationalising all rail franchises.

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One Response to “Green youth wing sets conditions for ‘Remain Alliance’”

  1. Richard Finnigan

    Do the maths, the last opinion poll had 48% for Labour, Liberal, Green and SNP and 44% for the Conservatives and the Brexit Party and its a near certainty that the Brexit Party will work with the Conservative Party at the next election securing a very likely win for a far right government that will do absolutely everything to stay in power including subverting democracy, we’ll never see the back of them! Over to you with your maximalist conditions Young Greens.

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