Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (July 9, 2019)

1. Land of a Million Orphans — part one of a Daily Mail piece on Zambia (hat tip @DanaPerino)

2. Dark Days for India’s Christian Communities

3. Tim Stanley from Iraq: The West owes Iraq’s persecuted minorities a lot more than just talk

Some of it:

I’m here to interview Christians but I’m also invited to meet the pope of the Yazidis, an ancient native religion, and I’m never one to turn down a pope, so off we go. The venerable Sheikh Baba is in his Eighties, tired, and his son and brother take over the meeting. Conversation – as with all Iraqis – is robust.

“The situation is very bad,” says the Sheikh’s son, and the West offers only “talk”. That’s not entirely fair – some money has been spent by the US – but this is a community in crisis. Daesh killed thousands of Yazidi men and raped the women. When the Jihadists disappeared, they took 3,000 girls with them. Where are they? The Yazidis “are now in camps and [suffer] psychologically and materially. No jobs. We want our people to return to their land.”

4. In the New York Times: When ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is Invoked in the Abortion Debate

5. 10,000 protest abortion in Dublin

6. Philadelphia archbishop Charles J. Chaput: Building A Culture of Religious Freedom

7. There are some terrific names on this new commission, including Mary Ann Glendon and Jacqueline Rivers . . .

8. Cities Take Innovative Approaches to Mental Illness, Substance Use Disorder, and Homelessness (Hat tip @ @PatNolan4Justic) from Prison Fellowship)

9. Humanum journal on man fully alive

10. In Defense of Owning Too Many Books (Hat tip Karen Swallow Prior (@KSPrior), who has a new book she co-edited out today on cultural engagement)

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