Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (July 3, 2019)

1. Washington PostAt church, on Easter, the Sri Lanka attackers destroyed families. Now survivors must learn to live alone. 


3. Doctors to remove nutrition from disabled Frenchman

4. “Psychiatric euthanasia

5. In the WSJ’s Houses of Worship column: Religious Suppression North of the Border:

If religiously observant employees are given the chance, eventually people will focus on the job they are doing and not the clothing they are wearing while doing it. The best way to ensure respect for different faiths and cultures is to make them well-represented in all workplaces. That means not excluding them from the workforce or forcing them to hide their identities.

7. Andrew Walker: Is Billy Graham the New Jim Crow?

8. What are some of the books and sentences that evoke insta-responses like so?

9. Matthew Lewis and Michael Wear talk about Democrats and people of faith

10.  Archbishop John Carroll’s prayer for government composed for the George Washington’s inauguration

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