Colbert Cartoon Show: AOC Global Warming Hypocrisy OK Because ‘It Takes Collective Action’

What better way for a silly liberal animated cartoon show to mock President Trump’s views on global warming than for him to embrace its reality because he is profusely sweating? Trump is convinced by the Generals – Mattis, McMaster, and Kelly – to support finding solutions to global warming to save the planet, and the military, too.

In the June 30 episode of liberal writer/comedian Stephen Colbert’s Showtime cartoon, Our Cartoon President, titled “Climate Change,” President Trump cannot stop sweating. After deciding to embrace the Green New Deal to combat environmental issues, he goes to visit Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the author of the initiative, to get some advice. To the president’s surprise, she admits she is a hypocrite and doesn’t live a green lifestyle, but that’s because “it takes collective action,” aka the government forcing everyone to give up meat and long distance travel. As they say, the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.

AOC: Huh, I wonder who sent a soaking wet package from the White House.

President Trump: Aah! Aah! I can’t eat any more of those goddamn peanuts!

AOC: I can’t be seen with you! Quick, put a tailored women’s blazer on.

Trump: No one can find out we met, or Hannity will die of a broken heart. I’m embracing the green lifestyle, and my body is rejecting it like the fiftieth packing peanut. How do you do it?

AOC: I don’t live that green a lifestyle. I eat burgers, ride in SUVs.

Trump: You two-faced hypocrite! You’re probably not even committing white genocide.

AOC: I promise I’m committing white genocide. I just recognize that it takes collective action to move the needle on climate change. So I can live my life while still supporting the Green New Deal.

Trump: You’re saying I can cool the planet, solve my sweating problem, and I don’t have to give up my natural spring water toilet?

After trying to continue to live his life and also support the Green New Deal, President Trump decides in the end to abandon it. His attempts to stop sweating are finally successful once the giant air-conditioning unit Donald Trump, Jr. installed on the White House lawn explodes. Part of the Oval Office’s wall is torn down by the explosion. Mission accomplished – President Trump is cooled by the air circulation. Yes, it was really that dumb.

The best part was the episode’s opening. It mocked the Democrat debates unsparingly. It’s worth the time to watch, especially for conservative voters who have no intention of voting for any of the Democrat candidates in 2020.

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