Trump Enabler Rep. Matt Gaetz Is Under Investigation For Witness Intimidation

One of Trump’s biggest enablers in the House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is under investigating for intimidating and harassing Michael Cohen.

Here is the letter from the House Ethics Committee:

Gaetz tried to intimidate Cohen with a tweet threatening that damaging information about his private life would be released if he testified to Congress. Cohen did testify, and no damaging information was ever released. Gaetz is recently best known for being the Trump stooge that John Dean knocked around during a hearing on the Mueller report.

Rep. Gaetz ended up under investigation because he tried to pull a page from Trump’s playbook by refusing to be interviewed by the House Ethics Committee. Gaetz is one of those House Republicans who has totally hitched his political wagon to Trump. He is more than a partisan defender of the president. He is an enabler and an adopter of Trump’s lawless ways. Matt Gaetz is a disgrace to the House, and just like Devin Nunes is not fit to serve the country in Congress.

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