Trump Wins MSNBC’s Debate Analysis: 71 Mentions in Under 2 Hours

While MSNBC analysts were peeved by the lack of Trump talk in Wednesday night’s debate (which they hosted with NBC and Telemundo), the network’s post-debate panel more than made up for the discrepancy, with much of their discussion centering around the President. In fact, during those two hours of special coverage, the panel referred to Donald Trump far more often than they did to any of the Democratic candidates.

MSNBC’s panel mentioned Donald Trump 71 times during their post-debate coverage — more than twice as much as the two most talked-about Democratic candidates. That title was shared between former HUD secretary Julian Castro and former Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke, who were mentioned 35 times.

Watch the video below showing how MSNBC post-debate coverage was all about Trump!

The references to the President were as varied as they were numerous. Throughout the post-debate coverage, he was bestowed such titles as “the mess in the White House,” “a lunatic who bombed Iran for kicks,” and both “he who shall not be mentioned” and “Lord Voldemort,” among other choice appositives.

Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace was particularly perturbed by the lack of attention the Democratic candidates paid the President, even going so far as to read off a count of the meager number of times each of them mentioned his name. Wallace routinely derailed the conversation to steer the focus back to Trump, complaining at various instances about his “racism,” “ineptitude,” and leaked schedules which “show that he does nothing.”

Conversely, the panelists were enchanted with Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s declaration that the President was the greatest threat to American national security. “That was the home run tonight, I think we all agree,” Hardball host Chris Matthews gushed amid murmurs of agreement.

MSNBC’s analysts also highly praised a tweet by former Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke blaming the President for the recent death of two migrants attempting to cross into the United States. “Would that he had said those words out loud,” disgraced former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams remarked ruefully.

“He should’ve,” Wallace agreed.

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