6 Big Moments From Night One Of The Democratic Debate

Night one of the first Democratic debate was supposed to be weakest of the two, but Democrats have been showing off their deep bench of good candidates.

1). Elizabeth Warren came out on fire:

2).Castro says Americans should be “pissed off” about migrant drownings:

3). Rep.Tim Ryan hits Trump for Ohio manufacturing job losses:

4). Booker blasts Trump for leaving the Iran deal:

5). Inslee talks climate change:

6). Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan To Deal With McConnell

Democrats have a lot of good candidates

The candidates stayed away from attacking one another, but what they did offer was some serious substance on the issues. There are two dozen candidates running for the Democratic nomination, and the first ten on the debate stage showed there are a lot of qualified candidates who are united on the message that Donald Trump must be defeated.

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