What follows from Folau

The Israel Folau religious freedom stoush has greater ramifications than many want to admit.

News Corp free speech Israel Folau Israel Folau. (Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

Man I was all set to sit back, relax and enjoy the Israel Folau free speech thing after a few days thinking about environmental catastrophe.

This was a stoush that had everything you want from a culture pseudo war: unimportant speech utterance of an archaic type, overreaction, right-wing pile on, ridiculous cultural left counter-reaction, happy-clappy escalation. The works. Folau’s fire ‘n’ brimstone pronouncement appears to have been barely noticed when he made it. Rugby Australia made sure it would by censuring him. He gave himself the appearance of being a little opportunistic with a legal funds appeal, which GoFundMe magnified by cancelling, and here we are.

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