Watch: Boris dodges Carrie Symonds question 26 times

Boris Johnson has come out of hiding but it seems he is still doing his best to dodge scrutiny. On LBC this morning, Boris was quizzed repeatedly about how a picture of him in the Sussex countryside with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds found its way into the media. And 26 times, he refused to answer. Here is how the exchange unfolded:

NF: Why the picture today?

BJ: Newspapers will print whatever they are going to print.

NF: Where did the picture come from? Boris Johnson, where did the picture come from?

BJ: The longer we spend…

NF: Where did the picture come from?

BJ: The longer we spend on things extraneous…

NF: Is it actually you or is it Ed Sheeran?

NF: Did you know the picture was being put out there Mr Johnson?

BJ: There are all kinds of pictures of me put out there…

NF: Did you know that this picture was being put out? Did you know this picture was out there?

BJ: Of course I knew there was a picture like that in existence

NF: When was it taken? When was it taken?

Boris repeatedly told Ferrari that discussing the picture was a distraction from the things he wanted to talk about. But Mr S. can’t help but think that by refusing to answer the question, Boris is the one making it into a distraction…

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