E. Jean Carroll Humiliates Trump By Laughing At His Smear

E. Jean Carroll responded to Trump’s claim that she wasn’t the type of woman that he would sexually assault by laughing and saying she glad not to be his type.

E. Jean Carroll responds by crushing Trump’s ego

Carroll responded to Trump’s claim that she’s “not his type” on CNN, “I love that I’m not his type. He also called Miss Universe fat — Miss Piggy, I think he called her. Miss Universe! One of the most beautiful women in the solar system! And he called her fat. He’s denied all 15 women who’ve come forward. He denies. He turns it around. He threatens and he attacks.”


Trump hates being called a baby, and he hates being laughed at. It is a joke that morbidly obese president would try to body shame a woman who is accusing him of sexual assault. Carroll was correct. Trump has a pattern. He denies. He plays the victim, and then he attacks the accuser. It is a consistent pattern of behavior.

It is a crime that Carroll’s story has not gotten more attention

The male-dominated corporate media has responded to the President Of The United States being credibly accused of sexual assault with a shrug. The Sunday network news shows intentionally did not mention the story at all. CNN and MSNBC have covered the story as they should have.

If this were a Democratic president, Republicans would be calling for him/her to immediately resign and threatening impeachment. Republicans would force the corporate press to cover the story through their volume and outrage. Since it’s Trump, and corporate media loves Trump, they are turning a blind eye to the evidence that he is a serial predator.

Carroll did the one thing that Donald Trump can’t stand. She laughed at him. It is a shame that so many in media positions of power won’t report on her story properly.

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