Trump Calls Himself The Victim, Not E. Jean Carroll

Trump spent Saturday playing the victim while smearing his most recent sexual assault accuser, E. Jean Carroll.

Trump said to reporters on Saturday, “I have no idea who this woman is. This is a woman who has also accused other men of things, as you know. It is a totally false what she did, it’s terrible, what’s going on. It’s a total false accusation and I don’t know anything about her. And she’s made this charge against others. And, you know, people have to be careful because they’re playing with very dangerous territory, and when they do that, and it’s happening more and more. When you look at what happened to justice Kavanaugh and you look at what’s happening to others, you can’t do that for the sake of publicity. There is some picture where we’re shaking hands, it looks like at some kind of event. I have my coat on, I have my wife standing next to me, and I didn’t know her husband, but he was a newscaster. But I have no idea who she is, none whatsoever. It’s a false accusation and it’s a disgrace that a magazine like “New York” which is one of the reasons it’s failing, people don’t read it anymore. So they’re trying to get readership by using me. It’s not good.”


Trump wants America to believe that 16 women are all wrong

Donald Trump keeps selling the same excuse each time he is caught. Trump wants the American people to believe that everyone else is lying and he is the only one who is telling the truth. The problem is that this president has tens of thousands of times. As Rep. Steve Cohen put it, Pinocchio has a better track record than Donald Trump. The defense is always the same. I never met the person. The person is lying. I am the only one who is telling the truth.

Trump thinks that he is the victim, not the woman who was assaulted.

The president is the embodiment of the conservative need to always the victim.

Even when he is accused of sexually assaulting someone, in Trump’s mind, he is the real victim.

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