Laura Ingraham On Reparations: ‘It’s Called Conquest, No Do-Overs’

She seems nice.

Speaking on her podcast (yeah) with a guy who wrote a book called “Hate Crimes Hoax,” (yeah again), Laura Ingraham pretended the enslavement of Africans in US history was merely a “conquest” that doesn’t allow for “do-overs.”

The hate crimes denier made a “both sides” statement: “…both white and black soldiers, frankly, took this country from the Indians—the first people.”

And Laura decided to make it about winners and losers in a game or election.

LAURA INGRAHAM: As Trump always says, ‘You don’t get do-overs. No do-overs, that’s it. There was an argument, sometime—I think it was the 1980s. There was a quote, you won, we lost, that’s that. Describing world politics, we won, you lost, that’s that. That’s just the way it is.

Modest suggestion: let’s keep fighting in a “conquest” to remove the rest of the Laura Ingraham advertisers funding her white nationalist propaganda.

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