Trump Plans Distraction Campaign To Win Reelection

Trump thinks that he can distract America with his tweets and personality and fool voters into re-electing him in 2020.

Trump Doesn’t Think The 2020 Election Will Be About Him

Robert Costa said on MSNBC, “He is the incumbent and incumbents always have to face the fact that re-election campaigns are a referendum on their record. President trump when you talk to his top advisers, he believes that his overwhelming personality, his tweets, his ability to dominate the news cycle, in many respects distracts from some of the scandals and controversies from his administration, including cabinet members, former cabinet members like Scott Pruitt at EPA and so the idea of the swamp he just continues to rally as he did in Florida this week that he is going to drain it. But the details of that story are of course more complicated because his administration has had many problems over the past two and a half years.”


This isn’t 2016. Democrats are ready for Trump

Trump made it clear in an interview with TIME that he plans on running the same campaign that he ran in 2016. Trump isn’t trying to reach new voters or swing new states. The president tried to run the 2016 campaign over again in 2018, and it was a disaster because Democrats were ready. Democrats are going to areas and targeting the voters outside of Trump’s base that he is ignoring.

Some Democrats don’t want to hear it, but the 2020 election will likely center on the question of whether Democrats can pick 76,000 or more votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Democrats will also have a chance to expand the map and return Iowa, North Carolina, and perhaps even Florida to their column. States like Arizona and Georgia also provide opportunities for Democrats.

Trump can’t fool the voters with the same campaign that he lost with in 2016.

The president is trying to hold do-over election, but Democrats are going to make sure that Trump’s efforts distract will fail.

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