Tom Steyer Makes Sure That Trump Sees His New Impeachment Ad By Airing It On Fox And Friends

Tom Steyer is making sure that Trump sees his new impeachment ad by airing it on Fox and Friends.

Tom Steyer is airing impeachment ad on Fox and Friends

Politico described the ad as, “The ad features Trump saying he’s “fighting all the subpoenas” and also shows the bit from the president’s interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos where Trump says he would take dirt from a foreign country. The kicker line voiced by Steyer: “AMERICA WILL MOVE FORWARD as soon as leaders stop acting on their own interest, start leveling with voters and do what’s right.”

Here is the ad:

Steyer’s organization Need To Impeach is spending $700,000 to air the ad on Fox and Friends in Washington, DC. Since we all know that Trump is an avid Fox and Friends viewer, he is certain to see the ad, which will definitely get under his skin. By airing the ad in DC, Steyer is also targeting members of Congress who he feels are dragging their feet on impeachment.

The big unanswered question is what would impeachment accomplish right now? Mitch McConnell has already promised to bury an impeachment trial and get it over with as quickly as possible. Trump isn’t going to be removed from office. Impeachment is not a top issue on the minds of 2020 voters. Some polls have shown impeachment to be as low as 12th on the list of voter concerns.

Impeachment seems to have little value politically, but beginning an impeachment investigation could be a necessary investigative tool.

Trump is definitely going to see this ad, and it would thrill Steyer and Need To Impeach if he tweeted about it and put impeachment front and center in the political conversation.

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