Sam Bee Begs Dem Hopefuls To Drop Out And Run For Senate

Samantha Bee didn’t sugarcoat it on Wednesday night.

“Run for Senate, goddamnit!”

“Winning the presidency would be great, but real change is impossible unless the Senate changes hands too,” the host added.

“[Montana’s Governor Steve] Bullock is just one of many Democrats wasting his time in a presidential race who could be way more useful running for something else, You’d think people would be lining up to run for Senate.”

Candidates’ excuses for NOT running for Senate, Samantha Bee said, boiled down to “Fuck, I don’t want to work with Mitch McConnell.”

“But that is exactly why we need good Democratic candidates for Senate,” Bee said. “The beauty of elections is if you run and win then you’re the Mitch McConnell.”

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