Jo’s Day – 20 June 2019

We had gone to bed before Jo last night so we missed her interview on Peston:

And a few hours later she was on Sky:

Then a message for World Refugee Day

Both candidates have had their second emails sent out through the party. Jo’s comes from one of our new MEPs, Antony Hook:

Just a few weeks ago I was elected as one of our party’s 16 MEPs, and I am excited for the challenge ahead.

Voters recognised and rewarded our steadfast commitment to stop Brexit. That is a testament to the hours our members and supporters spent pounding the pavements taking our Stop Brexit message to the country.

It also shows that when people actually hear our message, they’ll vote for us. That’s why I think our next leader has to be someone who can reach out to new generations of voters and get our message heard. I believe that person is Jo Swinson, which is why I’m supporting her to be our next leader.

As the Liberal Democrat face of the People’s Vote campaign and the stop Brexit movement, Jo has been at the forefront of our fight. She’s marched with us through the streets, and carried our message on the airwaves and to her nearly 70,000 social media followers. Politics is changing and as Liberals we should embrace that. Jo has the credibility and ambition to build a broader liberal movement, with us at the centre, bringing together all those people who share our values. Our country is at a turning point, and if we elect Jo Swinson there will be no limit to our ambitions.

So please join me by joining Jo’s campaign. Go to and sign up to volunteer or make a donation so we can reach more members with Jo’s message.

Jo has shown that she can inspire the next generation of political activists by talking about the cutting-edge issues they care about in a way they understand, whether that’s Brexit, the climate emergency or the tech revolution.

As I set to work with my new MEP colleagues, I know that under Jo Swinson we can stop Brexit and build a stronger liberal movement that changes British politics for good.

Antony Hook MEP

Jo’s website is here and you can follow her on Twitter here.

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