Ivanka Trump Busted For Breaking The Law To Help Her Dad’s Campaign

A new complaint filed against Ivanka Trump accuses her of abusing her position as a government official to help her dad’s reelection campaign.

Ivanka Trump broke the law to help her father’s campaign

CREW filed a complaint with the Office Of Legal Counsel, “Trump likely violated the Hatch Act when she used her @IvankaTrump Twitter account to tweet a message promoting Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign announcement, including a picture featuring the campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” and stating “the best is yet to come” two days before he planned to announce his 2020 campaign. Following Trump’s appointment as a federal employee in her father’s administration, she has primarily used her @IvankaTrump Twitter account to post and share messages related to official government business. However, since March 2018, Trump has used that same account to retweet multiple partisan political posts. OSC has explicitly prohibited federal officials from using social media accounts that they use for government business to reference Trump campaign slogans or promote materials from the campaign.”

Ivanka Trump’s tweet came days after the Office of Legal Counsel recommended that Kellyanne Conway be fired for repeated Hatch Act violations.

“It has become clear that this rampant abuse of public office is not a problem of ‘one bad apple’ but rather a key feature of the Trump White House,” said CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder. “By blatantly using her office for politics right after the Office of Special Counsel recommended her colleague be fired for repeatedly acting similarly, Ivanka Trump has basically thumbed her nose at the OSC and the rule of law. Never before have we witnessed this level of illegal politicized behavior, and it must not be allowed to continue.”

The Trumps Have Signaled That They Will Commit Felonies To Win In 2020

Ivanka Trump’s behavior is in line with her father’s open willingness to commit felonies if that is what it takes for him to win reelection.
Democrats can’t run a standard campaign against Donald Trump. The Trumps aren’t going to follow the law. They are going to abuse the power of the presidency in every way imaginable to help Trump’s campaign. The OLC that Ivanka is fired, but the odds of President Trump firing his own daughter are zero.

The bigger point of these complaints is that they expose the criminality of the Trump administration, and paint a picture for voters of a lawless administration that has got to go.

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