The snivelling beggar

A crude clip of this segment from Shelagh Fogarty’s LBC show yesterday is doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment, and it deserves both better audiovisual quality and a wider audience. If features Regan Morann, a rather confused Tory from Scotland who has quite an opinion of himself.

But for some reason, that swaggering self-confidence deserted him when confronted with the reality that Tories in the rest of the UK would throw Scotland (and Northern Ireland) under the bus in the blink of an eye if doing so was the price of Brexit.

An incredulous Fogarty, speaking for just about everyone listening to the show, asks “Where’s your self-respect?” as Morann burbles about debasing himself desperately in front of his English colleagues who don’t want him or care about him, and his eventual answer was enlightening, in a tragic kind of way.

Morann claimed that they didn’t really mean it and had just answered the poll “out of anger” over recent events. But the only problem with that reasoning is that we already know they’ve ALWAYS thought that. They thought it 12 months ago, when the UK still expected to leave the EU on March 29 this year and there’d been no “betrayal” for them to be angry about, and the percentages haven’t moved since.

As yesterday’s poll showed, English Tories are willing to destroy their own party and the UK economy to carry out Brexit, and it may be that those are recent developments.

But ditching a bunch of irritating Jocks and Micks is something that we know for a fact they’ve always been happy to do, and listening to poor Regan struggle to come to terms with it is almost enough to touch even the vilest Nat heart.

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