Pelosi Says If Democrats Have The Goods They Must Impeach Trump

Speaker Pelosi said on Wednesday morning that if Democrats have the goods, they must impeach Donald Trump.

Pelosi is following the evidence to impeachment

The Speaker said at the Christian Science Monitor breakfast:

Speaker Pelosi won’t rush to impeachment. She is leading an effort to gather evidence and build a case against Donald Trump. Reports that the impeachment push among Democrats has stalled don’t factor in that impeachment is the endgame. The disagreement among Democrats isn’t a question of if the should be impeached, but when the president should be impeached. All of the evidence that the House is gathering is having an impact on Trump.

Polls show that a majority believe that he colluded with Russia and also believed that he should be impeached. The American people are divided on removing him from office.

House Democrats are getting the goods, and once the evidence has been collected, it will be time to move forward with an impeachment process against Donald Trump.

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