Jo’s Day – 19 June 2019

Jo’s day started by tackling the Secretary of State for Scotland about the impact of Brexit and the prospect of No Deal on her constituency:

Brexit is already having an impact on East Dunbartonshire’s major employers. Aviva has announced that there will be job losses in the coming years, and a major engineering firm—an award-winning exporter—has told me about the negative impact Brexit is having on its business. Knowing what he does about the devastating impact on Scotland, how can the Secretary of State possibly countenance the no-deal or hard Brexit being offered by his colleagues in his party’s leadership election?

She was, with Ed, on the Jeremy Vine Show. Listen here from around 42:56.

On coalition, she said that we made the right decision to go in and we got a lot of things right but if we take the credit for successes we need to be honest about where we got it wrong – like the Bedroom Tax.

She attacked David Cameron for framing our relationship with the EU as a transactional relationship about benefits for Polish plumbers rather than a strategic necessity for our country.

She talked about a more pluralist politics where you work together with people in other parties.

And she was challenged on local Lib Dems fighting onshore wind farms which we are supposed to be in favour of.

She talked about targeting support for people who are impacted by particular policies.

Later,  she did a Facebook Q & A of her own:

An interview with the Press Association was reported in the Belfast Telegraph:

“I hear there is huge frustration that many MPs have with their own parties at the moment, particularly on this issue of Brexit, but it goes beyond that as well, the way in which the Labour and Conservative parties in particular are being taken off to the extremes and my door is always open to have those conversations … I would say I’m optimistic and very hopeful that we will be growing our Liberal Democrat parliamentary party.”

On Mr Johnson, Ms Swinson said: “This is a man who can hardly open his mouth without gratuitously offending a particular group of people and revels in it.

“I think there’s so many reasons why he’s not fit to be prime minister and just the fact that he seems like he’s taking this for granted and that he doesn’t need to subject himself to the scrutiny that his fellow candidates are going though, it just highlights the huge privilege that he seems to think he deserves.”

Jo’s website is here and you can follow her on Twitter here.

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