Will Ethiopia’s Nile mega-dam lead to conflict with Egypt?

There have been concerns of a ‘water war’ for close to a decade, now the mega-dam is nearing completion.

water war Nile Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (Image: Kremlin)

Could there be a water war between Ethiopia and Egypt over the Nile? It’s a question that has been regularly asked since 2011, when Ethiopia revealed that it was constructing a massive $4 billion, 6450-megawatt dam. It’s expected to be the biggest hydroelectric power plant in Africa when it opens.

The Nile runs through 11 African states, yet it is Egypt — the last country the river passes through before it reaches the Mediterranean — that the world famous river is most commonly associated with. Egypt has enjoyed historic dominance over the Nile too, which it considers its lifeline.

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