Trump Tried To Mess With AOC, And It Did Not Go Well

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) called Trump’s bluff on impeachment after the president tried to twist her words into a Trump reelection quote.

Trump twists AOC’s words on impeachment

AOC Tweeted:

Here is what AOC really said:

Trump’s quote was not accurate in any way, shape, or form. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez nailed Trump for inventing a quote out of thin air. It’s not true that impeachment can’t be legally used. It is gibberish made up by Trump about the legality of impeachment. Trump is scared, and AOC has been a forceful impeachment crusader. He is trying to fool the country into thinking that impeachment can’t possibly be an option.

Trump throws so many lies out at the nation on a daily basis that it is important to call him out. The president is trying to desensitize the nation and destroys the concepts of facts and truth. Part of this behavior is Trump living in his own bubble and hearing what he wants to hear, but the other half is Trump spreading a false message. AOC doesn’t think that Democrats will lose in 2020 if they impeach Trump, and it is vital that more elected officials take the time to call out the president’s lies and correct the record, especially on impeachment.

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