Jeremy Hunt’s pledge for the elderly

When you consider that Theresa May’s unwise decision to campaign for a ‘dementia tax’ almost single-handedly cost her the general election in 2017, you would think that the current Tory leadership candidates would be very careful about alienating older voters ahead of any upcoming membership vote.

Jeremy Hunt, though, seemed to take the opposite tack following the television leadership debate tonight. While the Foreign Secretary tried to make the point that more should be done to protect the oldest in our society as they approach their final days, in practice, he seemed instead to call for a cull of anyone with a bus pass. In a social media banner advertising his policies, Hunt quoted himself saying that:

‘Every older person should die with dignity and respect.’

Adding, rather sinisterly, that:

‘We should be the party, who sorts it out.’

Probably not quite the inspiring message Hunt was hoping to convey after the debate…

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