Pedestrians Give Trump Thumbs Down As He Goes Golfing

People on their morning walk saw Trump going golfing, and they gave his motorcade the thumbs down.

Trump Gets Thumbs Down On The Way To Golf

According to the White House pool report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

The motorcade is rolling at 9:35 am on this pleasantly non-swampy day in June.

Pool spotted POTUS before we left. He is wearing a white shirt, dark blue pants, and a white hat.


At 10:14, POTUS’ motorcade pulled up to Trump National Golf Club.

As we approached the club’s entrance, a few pedestrians who appeared to be on a morning walk gave the motorcade a thumbs down.

The president and his campaign claim to be leading in “all” the swing state polls, but the reaction to Trump on the ground tells a very different story. Trump has been met with protesters when he has gone to play golf. The pedestrians were not protesters, just your average Americans out for a nice Saturday morning walk letting Trump know how they feel about him. Trump and supporters are pretending that everything is fine, but the mood of the country is that people are tired of Trump’s constant need for attention and drama and appear ready to send him back to Trump Tower and straight into the arms of a potential criminal indictment.

Everywhere Donald Trump looks outside of his scripted bubble, he sees nothing but rejection.

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