Trump Demands America Call Melania The New Jackie O.

Trump demanded that the American people refer to Melania Trump as the new Jackie O. during his interview on Fox.

Trump says Melania is the new Jackie O

Trump was asked about his idea for a new paint job for Air Force One, and he answered, “The baby blue doesn’t fit with us, but people get used to something, and it was Jackie O, and that’s good, but we have our own Jackie O. today. It’s called Melania. Melania T.”


It was reported that the entire Trump family made the trip to the UK because they think that they are the new Kennedys.

PoliticusUSA’s Sarah Jones pointed out that Melania Trump was trying to copy Jackie O. as far back as Inauguration Day, “Melania Trump is no Jackie O. She is no Michelle Obama. She is no Barbara Bush or Laura Bush and certainly not Hillary Clinton. All of these women understood they had a job to do, not just pictures to pose for. People might say I shouldn’t be hard on Melania because she’s married to Donald Trump and ugh, but she now has the responsibility of being the First Spouse. Can you imagine if Michelle Obama had cost taxpayers tons of extra money to stay home in Chicago while doing nothing for the job? It’s not enough to “look” the part. The Trumps must actually do the work.”

Trump is trying to sell his broken English wife who spends most of her time fleeing the White House, as a modern-day version of the intelligent, graceful, elegant, and sophisticated Jackie O. It is a sad joke that Trump would try to make America think that his wife had anything in common with one of the iconic first ladies in American history.

Unlike Melania Trump, Jackie O. would have never been an Obama birther.

Trump is demanding that America treat his crime family as if they are the new Kennedy, but just as Donald Trump was no JFK. Melania Trump will never be Jackie O.

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